About the Founder

Nathaniel is the Founder and Managing Director of Esoteric Academic Solutions (EAS) - a specialized, full-service education enrichment company. Before founding EAS, Nathaniel taught and tutored in subjects ranging from English (reading, grammar and essay writing) to Math, Chemistry and Earth Science. Mr. Haynesworth is an accomplished Mathematics and Test Prep tutor who has helped prepare hundreds of students for middle and high school entrance exams including the SHSAT, ISEE, SAT and ACT. He has coached students in personal essay writing, narrative development, school selection and academic mentorship. Nathaniel has also educated parents about the enrollment process of the most competitive middle and high schools in New York.

Why I created Esoteric Academic Solutions:

Esoteric Academic Solutions was founded on the principals of getting American students ready to succeed in college and to compete in this new “knowledge economy” that is rapidly posing new and demanding challenges to individuals and societies. In the future, the American economy will be driven by “innovation” and “knowledge” exclusively in marketplaces engaged in intense competition and constant renewal in a world of tremendous opportunities and risks in a society facing complex business, political, scientific, technological, health and environmental challenges and in diverse workplaces and communities that hinge on collaborative relationships and social networking the ingenuity, agility and skills of the American people are crucial to U.S. competitiveness. The competition among countries now revolves around “human capital” and the comparative advantage in knowledge.

The Solutions in our name was created in response to the uniquely competitive, challenging, and stressful academic environment that New York City area students navigate for nearly a decade before they even begin to fill out a single college application. The Solutions is to have top-notch tutors with extensive teaching experience and impressive academic resumes. But what really distinguishes our tutors from other tutoring firms is our ability to quickly establish trust and rapport with their students. Most are from New York City and all are hooked into the social and academic milieu their students experience daily. With this distinct perspective, EAS is able to connect with students on a level that facilitates remarkable gains in confidence and academic achievement. EAS students view their tutors as advocates, helping them achieve their goals in the face of overwhelming challenges.

Contact Nathaniel at nathaniel@e-academicsolutions.com or 646-481-8216