How We Are Different

How We Are Different

There are seven features that we believe distinguish Esoteric Academic Solutions from other tutoring and test preparation companies.

1. Educational Evaluation and Cognitive Diagnostic Assessments

School can be very frustrating for students who may feel out of sync with their classmates and frustrated that the level of effort they put into their schoolwork is not matched by the feedback they receive. Our Educational Evaluations and Cognitive Assessments exist to give our students (and their parents) a road map to how they learn. Through the assessment process we identify students’ cognitive strengths and weaknesses and explain how these underlie academic struggles.  

2. Academic Coach

We feel that teaching excellence is the key to student success. We ensure that our Academic Coaches are the very best in a number of ways. All Academic Coach must have scored a 99th percentile overall on the official SAT. They also must have prior teaching experience in order to be considered. All Academic Coach must undergo a rigorous recruitment process to be extended an offer. After being hired. Academic Coach then undergoes a 50+ hour training process before being allowed to see any student. In order to attract and retain the best teachers, we pay above the market rate for all teaching assignments, plus incentives and bonuses. This is up to 2 times the industry standard, and the highest in the industry.

3. Content-Based using the Latest in Education Research

We believe that the best strategy for success in mastering SAT/PSAT/ACT/SHSAT is to provide students familiarity with the math, grammar, and analytical principles. What make our curriculum different from our competitors is that we seeks to provide test takers of all levels with content mastery and an organized approach that builds skills for every question type on the exam, including the most advanced content that many other test prep and tutoring companies ignore.

4. Our Unique Curriculum

Unlike other preparation programs, Esoteric Academic Solution curriculum goes beyond a review of general test-taking tricks. Rather, our SAT/PSAT/ACT/SHSAT strategy guides and sample questions focus on actual mathematics and verbal content. Students emerge with skills, strategies, and a confident approach to every SAT/PSAT/ACT/SHSAT problem type and content area, from the basic to the most advanced questions.

5. Ethics

  • Esoteric Academic Solutions is committed to running our business with the highest levels of integrity. We pledge to never Encourage students to have more tutoring sessions than they actually need.
  • Filter diagnostic assessment results
  • Give students the actual tests they’ll be taking or condone cheating
  • Encourage tutoring for students who will not benefit from it
6. Free Resources for Maximizing Test Scores

These resources are free of charge, as part of the full Esoteric Academic Solutions program. Students who can take advantage of one or more are likely to score even higher.

  • Test Strategy Conference Calls - the Sunday and Monday night before each standardized test, 9:15 Eastern.
  • Extra Math Help Conference Calls - Monday and Thursday nights at 9:15 Eastern
  • Verbal Conference Calls - Tuesday nights, 9:15 Eastern, to hone reading comp skills and build vocabulary.
  • Vocabulary Lists and Quizzes - Our proprietary list contains definitions for every medium and high level word that has been tested in released copies of the standardized tests since 1994. Our quizzes reinforce this vocabulary.
7. Our Student’s Safety is our #1 Priority

At EAS, we are serious about safety and keeping our students and communities safe, that’s why we require all tutors and test prep professionals to be fingerprinted and undergo a background check by New York City Department of Education (Office of Personnel Investigation) before beginning any tutoring assignment.

Before any of our tutors begin working, their fingerprints must be cleared by the state and federal government, as well as LexisNexis Business Screening Solutions. Every tutoring session is fully recorded, and every tutor’s background check is updated monthly.  

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