Online tutoring can be a great opportunity for your child to receive the same tutoring services anywhere in the world, any time of day. We utilize Go-to-Meeting and Scibblar technology for screen sharing, online whiteboard, and uploading teaching materials for shared use. The program’s shared whiteboard feature allows tutors and students to collaborate on mathematical equations, essays, and other materials together, making it more engaging and interactive than other simple video share programs. Go-to-Meeting and Scibblar technology is easy to use for students as young as elementary school.

Tutors and students can:

  • engage through live audio and video chat
  • share whiteboards, which allow them to solve math equations with math symbols and draw using the drawing tools, just like they would in a classroom
  • upload worksheets and materials for shared use on the virtual software; parents can monitor content usage and update library
  • share use of PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, Word documents, videos from YouTube and/or multimedia content from the web
  • can record the class as it happens, to download and review the session again later

Tutors can:

  • assign students online practice tests and homework to supplement test preparation; students take tests online and tutors can score them in real time
  • create personalized materials for your child to provide resources for students to use between sessions
  • send email reminders automatically to students so they don’t forget to attend. No downloading of software is necessary, and students can easily log in through secure URL

You can choose the best tutor fit for your child regardless of location. Live video streams are available for up to six people in different locations, for group tutoring with your child’s friends or classmates.